From our foundation in 1996, the principals of Tan and Green Holdings (TGH) have acquired and built companies in diverse industries, including telecommunications, technology, food service, financial services, industrial services, real estate and healthcare. Unlike traditional investors, we are business operators and have a keen interest in the long-term health and longevity of the company we are building.

Our goal is to own companies forever. We know that the key to building a business for the long-term is understanding the employees, the customers and the products.

Our Ideal Acquisition

While we can see value in most industries, ideal companies have the following characteristics:

  • Based in Southern California
  • Revenues of $2-20MM
  • Seasoned team of capable employees
  • Established customer and vendor relationships
  • Consistent/Mature demand for products or services
  • Minimal customer or vendor concentration risk
  • Limited reliance on rapidly evolving technologies
  • Prefer service/distribution/manufacturing sectors, but will consider all businesses

Our Ideal Seller

We work with business owners who are ready to sell their business or those seriously contemplating that phase of their life. While every transaction is different, our typical owner/seller:

  • Appreciates longevity and their company’s legacy. They built the company or have owned it for several years¬†
  • Would like to move on. They’ve made the decision to sell the company.
  • Values their relationships. They would like the company and its employees to continue to prosper under new leadership.
  • Demands discretion. They do not want their competitors to know the business is for sale and prefer to work directly with an interested party, rather than broadcast their intentions to their industry.